Competitive Advantage

Remain competitive

Since 2018, the Fraunhofer CCIT has been conducting research relating to the cognitive internet and incorporating the developed ideas and demonstrators into industry. This knowledge transfer enables you to remain competitive.

We will support you in establishing and implementing solutions for trustworthy data spaces, robust and authentic real-time communication as well as comprehensible AI algorithms. To remain viable in the future, you must place a strong focus on aspects of sustainability, resilience and data sovereignty, especially if yours is a logistics, industrial, production or agricultural company.

To increase resilience, you must reduce the downtimes of your industrial installation, particularly if you are manufacturing critical production goods. Accordingly, the maintenance intervals should be adapted as effectively as possible to the actual need to inspect your plant. Shorter product cycles are also the focus of current developments in production and industry. The requirement for highly productive, economic and flexible production processes is always very important here. For this, you must record process data close to the place of work, transfer and evaluate them in real time and often exchange data with partners, e.g. installation manufacturers.

A further example is the digitalization of agricultural processes. In close cooperation with the Fraunhofer flagship project Cognitive Agriculture (COGNAC), the Fraunhofer CCIT is working on an intelligent IT and electronics system that will help agricultural enterprises optimize cultivation of their plants in the future. This leads to greater sustainability, optimum use of resources and more reliable yields. After successful use in food production, the system is to be applied to the entire value chain – from cultivation through transportation and marketing to consumption by the end customer.