Readiness Check

Are you ready?

With the Readiness Check you get a rapid overview of whether the digitalization projects you have begun are actually effective and fit into the company strategy. External influences and factors often result in measures that need to be implemented quickly. In doing so, it is decisive to assess how and whether projects can be translated into continuous operation, or to what extent sovereign data exchange concepts, such as the Industrial Data Spaces, represent better and more sustainable alternatives.

The topics of data protection and data security have become considerably more important in times of increasing numbers of people working from home. Together with you, the experts at the Fraunhofer CCIT will examine your infrastructure and your products for potential vulnerabilities.

It has been shown more than ever before that companies already focusing on digitalization were much better prepared for external crises. Classic enterprises which have not yet, or only to a small extent, focused on or introduced digital or electronic distribution channels or processes are affected to a much greater extent. The Fraunhofer CCIT can promptly and quickly implement solutions with you in order to also utilize the possibilities of intelligent sensor systems in production, for example by way of retrofitting, i.e. the updating of legacy systems. The model of the Digital Twin allows you to analyze existing conditions and simulate the processes and thereby new possibilities of updating the existing machine and plant pool for the future.