Discover new potentials

The Fraunhofer CCIT supports you on every step of the way to the cognitive internet. In Excitement Workshops and Innovation Labs, we work with you to develop a vision for the digitalization of your company. Here, we jointly determine which opportunities the technologies of the cognitive internet can offer you and what the preconditions for implementation are. In one or more days, in collaboration with your personnel, we draw up concrete project ideas.

For example, discover how the use of Informed Machine Learning can help to transparently understand the decision-making processes of learning systems, thus overcoming inhibitions in  the use of AI.

Or find out about the opportunities offered by technologies such as the Industrial Data Spaces in order to bring about secure industrial communication.

Join us in exploring the potential of quantum information science. The Fraunhofer CCIT can utilize the capacities of Germany's first quantum computer and push ahead with concrete application scenarios for the future use of this technology in industry.