CPS.connect - Intelligent Sensor Systems in production

The digitalization of everything is in the focus of today's developments. The CPS.connect technology enables you to digitize your production processes. Through the integration of wireless measuring systems, process data is transmitted in real-time to monitoring systems. The age of the production equipment does not matter, whether it is a new development or a retrofit, a large number of machines can be equipped with the universal interface.

Digital twin for more efficient processes

The technology of the digital twin enables the analysis of existing and the simulation of future processes. Through virtual comparison, it is possible to imitate mechanical, electronic and other properties of the real machine, which provides you insights for future possible conditions. The integrated measurement technology also reduces the time and cost-intensive preparation of the digital model.

The core component is a wireless measuring systems that allows for simple integration of our technology without tangled cables. The interface uses modern transmissions standards that enable interference-free operation and high data rates.

Integrated safety technology for low service and maintenance costs

Regarding safety and reliability, our standards are up to future challenges. Not only the connection technology, but also the interface to the control technology work with the most modern protocols and guarantee low service and maintenance costs. In addition, the integrated safety technology offers all relevant safeguards for the machining process, which dominate at the level of occupational safety and the Machinery Directive.

Full integration for optimized production processes

These features not only allow to advance the optimization of production processes, but also to ensure predictive maintenance of the machines by analysing the measurement data. The digital twin is also applicable for fast error and cause analysis, as well as for maintenance and replacement of components. The full integration into your machinery and equipment, but also into your process landscape, helps you to improve your process regarding quality, cost and time aspects.

Main features


  • Digital twin for process control
  • Integrated sensor technology for register process parameters
  • Collection and correlation of process data


  • Wireless sensor connection and data transmission
  • Low latency and broadband communication
  • Protection against hardware and network attacks


  • Can be retrofitted to existing machines and tools

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