Prof. Boris Otto

Data sovereignty as a key feature in the age of digitalization

Three questions for Prof. Dr. Boris Otto, Director of the Data Spaces Research Center

Prof. Dr. Boris Otto

What special role does the topic of data spaces and data sovereignty play in the cognitive internet?

The Industrial Data Space returns control to the data owners. Data sovereignty is a key feature in the age of digitalization, and the Industrial Data Space is the technology for it.

What is the position of industry in this field, and how can Fraunhofer support enterprises?

Industry is heading in the right direction. The International Data Spaces Association now has almost 100 members, and Fraunhofer is driving the development of the Industrial Data Space reference architecture model. Industry needs an international standard – and the only way to achieve this is working together.

What are your long-term goals with the Data Spaces Center and its implications for the topic "Cognitive Internet Technologies?" 

At present, the Industrial Data Space initiative is aimed at B2B scenarios of the cognitive internet, as industrial applications form the core of our national economy. We are therefore contributing to the locational advantage in Germany and Europe. But ultimately, the topic of data sovereignty affects us all. Individual citizens must retain sovereignty of their data.