Technology Hub IoT-COMMs

Networked, agile and mobile production systems as well as applications for autonomous driving are future topics at our Technology Hub IoT-COMMs. For this, we combine and develop the basic technologies networks, positioning and information security further.

Our offer

  • Development and integration of trusted and cognitive sensors for position finding and determination of time
  • Development and integration of safety concepts and cryptographic protocols for protection of IoT networks on hardware and software level
  • Robust and common transmission systems for (latency-)critical Datas
  • Development and integration of energy self-sufficient cognitive sensors
  • Object recognition and classification

Reference projects


Smart condition monitoring

Smart sensor AIQ-Bo

The AIQ-Bo smart sensor measures vibrations in mechanical components and analyzes them on-site using AI. This makes it possible to identify anomalies autonomously and transmit this information to the cloud.


Intelligent traffic sensing

Traffic info with TraffIRNet

In the TraffIRNet (Traffic Infrared Radar Network) research project, the Fraunhofer CCIT is exploring the potential of the 5G mobile radio standard in collective and scalable traffic sensing using a Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) network.


Smart Screw Connections

Smart Screw Connection Q-Bo®


Critical threaded fasteners protect all our lives and must be inspected regularly. Intelligent threaded fasteners enable wireless and energy-independent monitoring of the fastener as a simple and universal assembly option.  


Flexible localization solutions



The requirements for efficient and agile production processes are growing all the time. FlexLoc applications are flexible localization solutions for locating and tracking production-relevant objects and for automating production and logistics processes.



Mobile Galileo PRS snapshot sensor

Manipulation of data in Asset Tracking excluded. The Mobile Galileo PRS Snapshot Sensor provides forgery-proof position, time and sensor data through the use of the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS).


Smart sensor systems


When it comes to the field of installation engineering, it is necessary for transportable, temporary paired machine components to be paired with the respective facilities through information technology. To achieve this goal retrofittable, wireless sensor technology is used.


Smart tools


In the light of the increase of the self-regulation in processes through smart machines and components, active tools - which surveil the processes and are ultrasound-proof - are needed.  


Smart Intersection

Smart Intersection

One of the biggest challenges of autonomous driving is the quick recognition as well as the correct assessment of traffic situations. The cooperative all-round environment-sensing system of Smart Intersection takes on these challenges.


Scalable sensor networks


In the SKALISENS project, a scalable sensor network is being developed and tested, which has the ability to integrate different sensors and their data streams.


Smart ECG long-term monitoring


Safeguarding against data misuse in digital healthcare - smart textile allows secure data transmission for ECG long-term monitoring.


Dynamic traffic analysis


A mobile sensor system for flexible and weatherproof traffic analysis is being developed in order to enhance the field of vision of an autonomous vehicle and to improve the safety of driver assistance systems.

Current News from IoT-COMMs


Cognitive Internet for the Industry

Three Questions to Prof. Dr. Albert Heuberger, Excecuitve Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS and former Head of the Technology Hub IoT-COMMs 

Smart in-house services through networked sensor data

Interview with Dr. Philipp Schwerna


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