Research topics


Smart Traffic Analysis for Connected Mobility

Fraunhofer CCIT researchers developed an AI-based mobile sensor unit for data collection and analysis. It allows them to make predictions of car, truck, cyclist, and pedestrian flows, and to communicate in real time with autonomous vehicles and driver assistance systems.


Digital Agriculture

In the future, only sustainable and innovative agriculture can provide food for humanity. Digital concepts such as "Smart Agriculture" and "Precision Farming" play a central role in this. The Fraunhofer CCIT is developing cognitive internet technologies for these concepts.


Intelligent manufacturing

The SmartTool.connect technology enables the optimization of machining processes with the help of an active and intelligent tool holder. The integration of wireless components makes it possible to collect process data close to the point of action, transmit it in real time and evaluate it.


Mobility of the Future

Inner-city intersections are accident black spots. The situation will become even more complicated if autonomous vehicles are added in the future. The Fraunhofer CCIT is developing key technologies for an intelligent intersection that regulates traffic digitally.


Data Sovereignty

Fraunhofer CCIT has developed an Internet of Things (IoT) architecture that integrates sensitive data from manufacturing and production into a "Shared Digital Twin". This data can be shared with other companies on the basis of connectors. Data sovereignty is maintained.


Voice Control

Experts from Fraunhofer CCIT are working at the Machine Learning Technology Hub to combine speech recognition and gesture control into a multimodal speech assistant that can be used for error identification and marking. 


Logistics of the Future

For logistics, Fraunhofer CCIT has developed a seamless trustworthy goods tracking system with cognitive sensor and block chain technology. The "Cognitive Sensor Connector" makes the complexity of the data controllable. In a "trackchain" the data can be tracked.


Smart Screw Connection

Critical threaded fasteners protect all our lives and must be inspected regularly. Intelligent threaded fasteners enable wireless and energy-independent monitoring of the fastener as a simple and universal assembly option.  



The requirements for efficient and agile production processes are growing all the time. FlexLoc applications are flexible localization solutions for locating and tracking production-relevant objects and for automating production and logistics processes.