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Explanatory film "What are cognitive Internet technologies?"

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The Fraunhofer CCIT explanatory film "What are cognitive Internet technologies?"

"Cognitive Internet technologies" secure the digital sovereignty and sustainable competitiveness of the economy in Germany and Europe. But what are "cognitive Internet technologies"? Fraunhofer CCIT's explanatory film gets to the heart of the matter in two and a half minutes.

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How we see ourselves

The Fraunhofer CCIT researches cognitive technologies for the industrial internet and develops key technologies along the value chain from sensors to machine learning.


Structure of the Cluster

At three research centers, each with a different focus, the Fraunhofer CCIT develops the key technologies necessary for a cognitive internet. 



Fraunhofer is the world's leading organization for application-oriented research. The Fraunhofer CCIT is part of its future research in cognitive systems, AI and data sovereignty. 


3 Questions to

Here, the spokesperson for the Steering Committee, the heads of the research centers and the office manager inform you about the vision of the cognitive Internet and the mission of Fraunhofer CCIT.