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The edge-cloud continuum is a complete data value chain, from sensors and edge devices close to end users to central data centers and cloud platforms.

We understand the continuum as an intelligent distributed solution where data processing is automatically organized in such a way that your goals, such as a low carbon footprint, minimal latency, scalable computing power or a high level of security, are implemented consistently and comprehensibly for each use case.

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The edge-cloud continuum in practice



Digital transformation in the metalworking industry

Harnessing the edge-cloud continuum in press plants can achieve time and cost savings while reducing waste. smartNOTCH (an intelligent slot nut) sensors and the F-Scanner 1D record local process data and then AI in the digital twin in the cloud determines the optimal parameters for the pressing process, continuously learning from cross-company data.


Smart Intersection

Safe and efficient autonomous driving

Sensors in autonomous vehicles and in infrastructure are used to record traffic. AI at the edge then detects potential hazards and takes action in a matter of seconds to protect road users. When there is a high volume of traffic, data from vehicles, intersections and traffic lights is processed in the cloud in order to make traffic safer and more efficient. This transition from edge to cloud is seamless.



A smart screw connection for safe and efficient maintenance

The smart screw connection Q-Bo® monitors the preload force of safety-relevant screws in bridges, wind turbines, vehicles or machines. Minimal changes are detected at the edge and transmitted wirelessly to the cloud. Here, the measurement data is analyzed in order to identify at an early stage when maintenance is required.

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