How can I use the Cluster?

Channeled via the Fraunhofer CCIT, the competences of over 20 Fraunhofer Institutes in the fields of microelectronics, information and communications technology and production are available to you. The Cluster provides you, as a company, with an interface with a central point of contact.

Vision: Discover new potentials

Together with your personnel, we show you trends, opportunities and challenges when using new technologies. Through first use cases, further project ideas are collaboratively developed in "Excitement Workshops"


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Readiness check: Are you ready?

The use of new technologies often involves certain challenges. We guide you through this step, making an inventory of existing data, processes or systems. We support you in using the cognitive internet, even in the case of existing legacy systems, e.g. through retrofitting.


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Knowledge transfer: You want to stay competitive?

The Fraunhofer CCIT provides a direct transfer of knowledge from research into business practice. Customers profit from an industrial implementation with a knowledge advantage and CCIT technology expertise, e.g. in terms of Internet of Things (IoT), data sovereignty and machine learning.


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Sustainability: How can I offer sustainable services?

We advise you on sustainable strategy development and technology implementation. Even after the successful launch of new products and technology, numerous questions will arise. We are also there for you during the phase of operational implementation, in areas such as training and continuing education of staff, safety and data protection.


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