Intelligent Manufacturing

SmartTool.connect: Active tools in machining

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Using an active and intelligent tool holder, the Fraunhofer CCIT's SmartTool.connect technology allows machining processes to be optimized.

The integration of wireless components makes it possible to record process data close to the working area, transmit and evaluate them in real time. The work can be carried out precisely and be adaptively regulated. In addition, the integration of ultrasound technology for oscillation-superimposed machining results in improved chip breaking and reduced burr formation. The core capability of the technology is the smart tool holder: this recognizes the wear limit of the tool and can precisely predict when a new tool needs to be fitted.

Easy to install

This space-saving system is easy to install and can, if required, be quickly serviced and replaced. The radio technology and interfaces with control technology operate with the latest protocols and ensure a continuous security architecture.