SmartTool.connect - Active tools in chipping

The Internet of Things or IoT is one of the key digital transformation technologies. In fact, it is not just one technology as many keep saying but a series of technological and other components that is really vast. The demand for highly productive, economical and flexible manufacturing processes is a high priority. The SmartTool.connect technology enables you to optimize your machining processes with the help of a proactive and intelligent tool holder. The integration of wireless components makes it possible to extract process data from close to the tool tip, transmit it in real time and evaluate it. In addition, the machining process can be purposeful guided and adaptively controlled. The integration of ultrasonic technology for vibration-assisted machining offers improved chip breaking and reduced burr formation. The age of the system does not matter, whether it is a new development or a retrofit, a large number of machines can be equipped with the universal tool holder.

Smart tool holder detects wear limit

For production planning and work preparation it is elementary important to know the remaining service life of tools, so processes can be effectively scheduled and unplanned down-times can be avoided. The main capability of the system is the smart tool holder, which recognizes the wear progress of the tool and predicts exactly the required set-up time for a new tool.

Complete function integration for quickly installation and maintenance

One main advantage is the complete functional integration of all components (actuators, sensors, data processing and connection) into the tool holder, so that the space-saving system does not require complex installations and allows a fast setup.

Consistent safety architecture with high data security

In questions of safety and reliability, our standards are up to future challenges. Not only the connection technology, but also the interface to the control technology work with the most modern protocols and guarantee low service and maintenance costs.

Full integration for optimized cost and time efficiency

The complete integration into your machinery and equipment, but also into your process landscape, helps you to improve the important aspects of quality, costs and time. Condition monitoring supports all relevant process parameters, including the machining tool, control technology and the recording and evaluation of the relevant process.

Main features


  • Condition monitoring of the machining process in real time
  • Adaptive process control
  • Improved chip formation and increased productivity through ultrasonic technology


  • Wireless, low-latency real-time transmission
  • High data security through encrypted end-to-end communication


  • Universal for all commercially available tool holders
  • Easy integration into existing machines

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